new Cesium.CustomDataSource(name)

A DataSource implementation which can be used to manually manage a group of entities.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
name string 可选 A human-readable name for this instance.
const dataSource = new Cesium.CustomDataSource('myData');

const entity = dataSource.entities.add({
   position : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(1, 2, 0),
   billboard : {
       image : 'image.png'



Gets an event that will be raised when the underlying data changes.
Gets or sets the clock for this instance.
Gets or sets the clustering options for this data source. This object can be shared between multiple data sources.
Gets the collection of Entity instances.
Gets an event that will be raised if an error is encountered during processing.
Gets or sets whether the data source is currently loading data.
Gets an event that will be raised when the data source either starts or stops loading.
Gets or sets a human-readable name for this instance.
Gets whether or not this data source should be displayed.


Updates the data source to the provided time. This function is optional and is not required to be implemented. It is provided for data sources which retrieve data based on the current animation time or scene state. If implemented, update will be called by DataSourceDisplay once a frame.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
time JulianDate The simulation time.
True if this data source is ready to be displayed at the provided time, false otherwise.