internal constructor new Cesium.ShadowMap()

Use Viewer#shadowMap to get the scene's shadow map. Do not construct this directly.

The normalOffset bias pushes the shadows forward slightly, and may be disabled for applications that require ultra precise shadows.



Determines the darkness of the shadows.
默认值: 0.3
Determines if the shadow map will be shown.
默认值: true

fadingEnabled : boolean

Determines whether shadows start to fade out once the light gets closer to the horizon.
默认值: true

maximumDistance : number

Determines the maximum distance of the shadow map. Only applicable for cascaded shadows. Larger distances may result in lower quality shadows.
默认值: 5000.0

normalOffset : boolean

Determines if a normal bias will be applied to shadows.
默认值: true
The width and height, in pixels, of each shadow map.
默认值: 2048

softShadows : boolean

Determines if soft shadows are enabled. Uses pcf filtering which requires more texture reads and may hurt performance.
默认值: false