new Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry(options)

A description of the outline of a a cartographic rectangle on an ellipsoid centered at the origin.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
options object Object with the following properties:
参数名称 类型 默认值 描述信息
rectangle Rectangle A cartographic rectangle with north, south, east and west properties in radians.
ellipsoid Ellipsoid Ellipsoid.WGS84 可选 The ellipsoid on which the rectangle lies.
granularity number CesiumMath.RADIANS_PER_DEGREE 可选 The distance, in radians, between each latitude and longitude. Determines the number of positions in the buffer.
height number 0.0 可选 The distance in meters between the rectangle and the ellipsoid surface.
rotation number 0.0 可选 The rotation of the rectangle, in radians. A positive rotation is counter-clockwise.
extrudedHeight number 可选 The distance in meters between the rectangle's extruded face and the ellipsoid surface.
  • DeveloperError : options.rectangle.north must be in the interval [-Pi/2, Pi/2].
  • DeveloperError : options.rectangle.south must be in the interval [-Pi/2, Pi/2].
  • DeveloperError : options.rectangle.east must be in the interval [-Pi, Pi].
  • DeveloperError : options.rectangle.west must be in the interval [-Pi, Pi].
  • DeveloperError : options.rectangle.north must be greater than rectangle.south.
const rectangle = new Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry({
  ellipsoid : Cesium.Ellipsoid.WGS84,
  rectangle : Cesium.Rectangle.fromDegrees(-80.0, 39.0, -74.0, 42.0),
  height : 10000.0
const geometry = Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry.createGeometry(rectangle);
  • RectangleOutlineGeometry#createGeometry


static Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry.packedLength : number

The number of elements used to pack the object into an array.


static Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry.createGeometry(rectangleGeometry)Geometry|undefined

Computes the geometric representation of an outline of a rectangle, including its vertices, indices, and a bounding sphere.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
rectangleGeometry RectangleOutlineGeometry A description of the rectangle outline.
The computed vertices and indices.

static Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry.pack(value, array, startingIndex)Array.<number>

Stores the provided instance into the provided array.
参数名称 类型 默认值 描述信息
value RectangleOutlineGeometry The value to pack.
array Array.<number> The array to pack into.
startingIndex number 0 可选 The index into the array at which to start packing the elements.
The array that was packed into

static Cesium.RectangleOutlineGeometry.unpack(array, startingIndex, result)RectangleOutlineGeometry

Retrieves an instance from a packed array.
参数名称 类型 默认值 描述信息
array Array.<number> The packed array.
startingIndex number 0 可选 The starting index of the element to be unpacked.
result RectangleOutlineGeometry 可选 The object into which to store the result.
The modified result parameter or a new Quaternion instance if one was not provided.