new Cesium.OpenCageGeocoderService(url, apiKey, params)

Provides geocoding via a OpenCage server.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
url Resource | string The endpoint to the OpenCage server.
apiKey string The OpenCage API Key.
params object 可选 An object with the following properties (See
参数名称 类型 描述信息
abbrv number 可选 When set to 1 we attempt to abbreviate and shorten the formatted string we return.
options.add_request number 可选 When set to 1 the various request parameters are added to the response for ease of debugging.
options.bounds string 可选 Provides the geocoder with a hint to the region that the query resides in.
options.countrycode string 可选 Restricts the results to the specified country or countries (as defined by the ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 standard).
options.jsonp string 可选 Wraps the returned JSON with a function name.
options.language string 可选 An IETF format language code.
options.limit number 可选 The maximum number of results we should return.
options.min_confidence number 可选 An integer from 1-10. Only results with at least this confidence will be returned.
options.no_annotations number 可选 When set to 1 results will not contain annotations.
options.no_dedupe number 可选 When set to 1 results will not be deduplicated.
options.no_record number 可选 When set to 1 the query contents are not logged.
options.pretty number 可选 When set to 1 results are 'pretty' printed for easier reading. Useful for debugging.
options.proximity string 可选 Provides the geocoder with a hint to bias results in favour of those closer to the specified location (For example: 41.40139,2.12870).
// Configure a Viewer to use the OpenCage Geocoder
const viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
  geocoder: new Cesium.OpenCageGeocoderService('', '<API key>')


Gets the credit to display after a geocode is performed. Typically this is used to credit the geocoder service.
Optional params passed to OpenCage in order to customize geocoding
The Resource used to access the OpenCage endpoint.


参数名称 类型 描述信息
query string The query to be sent to the geocoder service