internal constructor new Cesium.I3SLayer()

This class implements an I3S layer. In CesiumJS each I3SLayer creates a Cesium3DTileset.

Do not construct this directly, instead access layers through I3SDataProvider.


readonly data : object

Gets the I3S data for this object.

readonly legacyVersion16 : boolean

When true, when the loaded I3S version is 1.6 or older

readonly majorVersion : number

The major version number of the loaded I3S dataset

readonly minorVersion : number

The minor version number of the loaded I3S dataset
Gets the resource for the layer.
Gets the root node of this layer.
Gets the Cesium3DTileset for this layer.

readonly version : string

The version string of the loaded I3S dataset



Filters the drawn elements of a layer to specific attribute names and values
参数名称 类型 默认值 描述信息
filters Array.<I3SNode.AttributeFilter> [] 可选 The collection of attribute filters
A promise that is resolved when the filter is applied