new Cesium.PropertyArray(value)

A Property whose value is an array whose items are the computed value of other property instances.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
value Array.<Property> 可选 An array of Property instances.


Gets the event that is raised whenever the definition of this property changes. The definition is changed whenever setValue is called with data different than the current value or one of the properties in the array also changes.

readonly isConstant : boolean

Gets a value indicating if this property is constant. This property is considered constant if all property items in the array are constant.


Compares this property to the provided property and returns true if they are equal, false otherwise.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
other Property 可选 The other property.
true if left and right are equal, false otherwise.

getValue(time, result)Array.<Object>

Gets the value of the property.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
time JulianDate The time for which to retrieve the value.
result Array.<Object> 可选 The object to store the value into, if omitted, a new instance is created and returned.
The modified result parameter, which is an array of values produced by evaluating each of the contained properties at the given time or a new instance if the result parameter was not supplied.
Sets the value of the property.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
value Array.<Property> An array of Property instances.