new Cesium.TimeDynamicPointCloud(options)

Provides playback of time-dynamic point cloud data.

Point cloud frames are prefetched in intervals determined by the average frame load time and the current clock speed. If intermediate frames cannot be loaded in time to meet playback speed, they will be skipped. If frames are sufficiently small or the clock is sufficiently slow then no frames will be skipped.

参数名称 类型 描述信息
options object Object with the following properties:
参数名称 类型 默认值 描述信息
clock Clock A Clock instance that is used when determining the value for the time dimension.
intervals TimeIntervalCollection A TimeIntervalCollection with its data property being an object containing a uri to a 3D Tiles Point Cloud tile and an optional transform.
show boolean true 可选 Determines if the point cloud will be shown.
modelMatrix Matrix4 Matrix4.IDENTITY 可选 A 4x4 transformation matrix that transforms the point cloud.
shadows ShadowMode ShadowMode.ENABLED 可选 Determines whether the point cloud casts or receives shadows from light sources.
maximumMemoryUsage number 256 可选 The maximum amount of memory in MB that can be used by the point cloud.
shading object 可选 Options for constructing a PointCloudShading object to control point attenuation and eye dome lighting.
style Cesium3DTileStyle 可选 The style, defined using the 3D Tiles Styling language, applied to each point in the point cloud.
clippingPlanes ClippingPlaneCollection 可选 The ClippingPlaneCollection used to selectively disable rendering the point cloud.


The bounding sphere of the frame being rendered. Returns undefined if no frame is being rendered.
The ClippingPlaneCollection used to selectively disable rendering the point cloud.
The event fired to indicate that a new frame was rendered.

The time dynamic point cloud TimeDynamicPointCloud is passed to the event listener.

默认值: new Event()
pointCloud.frameChanged.addEventListener(function(timeDynamicPointCloud) {

frameFailed : Event