Easing functions for use with TweenCollection. These function are from Tween.js and Robert Penner. See the Tween.js graphs for each function.


static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.BACK_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Back in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.BACK_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Back in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.BACK_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Back out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.BOUNCE_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Bounce in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.BOUNCE_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Bounce in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.BOUNCE_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Bounce out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.CIRCULAR_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Circular in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.CIRCULAR_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Circular in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.CIRCULAR_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Circular out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.CUBIC_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Cubic in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.CUBIC_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Cubic in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.CUBIC_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Cubic out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.ELASTIC_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Elastic in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.ELASTIC_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Elastic in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.ELASTIC_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Elastic out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.EXPONENTIAL_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Exponential in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.EXPONENTIAL_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Exponential in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.EXPONENTIAL_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Exponential out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.LINEAR_NONE : EasingFunction.Callback

Linear easing.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUADRATIC_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Quadratic in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUADRATIC_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Quadratic in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUADRATIC_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Quadratic out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUARTIC_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Quartic in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUARTIC_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Quartic in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUARTIC_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Quartic out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUINTIC_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Quintic in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUINTIC_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Quintic in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.QUINTIC_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Quintic out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.SINUSOIDAL_IN : EasingFunction.Callback

Sinusoidal in.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.SINUSOIDAL_IN_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Sinusoidal in then out.

static constant Cesium.EasingFunction.SINUSOIDAL_OUT : EasingFunction.Callback

Sinusoidal out.



Function interface for implementing a custom easing function.
参数名称 类型 描述信息
time number The time in the range [0, 1].
The value of the function at the given time.
function quadraticIn(time) {
    return time * time;
function quadraticOut(time) {
    return time * (2.0 - time);